I keep getting told the success of a website depends on regular high quality updates: Here goes!

Thank you so much to all of you for visiting the Site, I was amazed to see the monthly stats which shows that hundreds of you have had a peak, and some even stayed around to read the content, and not least so many people have already booked tickets for various events with two virtually sold out. What a good do. In the Badger's World there are a multitude of hats being worn, the habit of a lifetime, and for now the hat-swopping will continue, and the next few months are hectic, I mean (God willing) I am 68 on the 14th June, and then Joanie and I are getting married on the 29th August and we still don't know whether they whole shebang can go ahead, and whether Covid will have more to say on the matter. Fingers crossed for sure. Woody x

Joanie and I are into history and the like, and this is the 1,000 year old Viking gold ring I bought her. It's a beauty and was found around 1940 near the castle in Malmo, Southern Sweden. From there it moved through the hands of a couple of collectors, had a stint in a museum before landing in with a Dealer in London and finding its way eventually into my grubby paws. An example of coil work and pure gold, I dropped into the palm of my jeweller and he just said, 'Wow!' Woody x

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