Workshops postponed for now but plenty more going on before long:

The workshops have been postponed for the time being, and I am considering online chats and tutorials as a way forward, and of course paintings from members, myself, my daughter Niamh and indeed others, and prints will soon be on offer from the Site Shop...tentatively titles Badger Stash...other items for sale will include T-shirts, Curragh Son CD's and so on. I have been amazed at how many people visit the Site, largely thanks to my Facebook links and from the Laughing Badger live at the Trinity Mirror Group where my written work is syndicated, and with a wonderful back to this Site.

As a starter here is my European Bison in acrylic on board. I painted this after visiting the quite remarkable Bialowieska Forest Reserve in Eastern Poland, a true last wilderness. I saw them first in the distance at 7am as they emerged from the edge of the trees. The shape was unmistakeable, and I could see their breath on the frosty morning air. Later in the morning I was able to take close ups as some of the beasts came closer to hand and took advantage of feed left out for cattle. Just awesome.

The painting is approx 2ft x 2ft and framed in a hand painted ivory frame. £600

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